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Tatjana Gerhard - Als ob sie alles wussten

05 September - 17 October 2010

The exhibition "Tatjana Gerhard – Als ob sie alles wussten (As if they knew everything)" was her first solo show in Belgium. In the course of the past years Tatjana Gerhard has realized a very personal and a very striking painterly oeuvre. The figurative world she evokes in her small to mid-size oil paintings has not been seen before. It may remind us of the worlds of fairy tales, myths and sagas as well as of our own dream worlds, but the oeuvre stands alone when compared to any other painterly oeuvre. The painting of Tatjana Gerhard is a new form of painting, a very personal one, that seems to come to existence by means of the principles of the surrealistic ‘écriture automatique’(automatic writing). In that sense one can hardly imagine a greater contrast than the one that opposes Tatjana Gerhard and the way she conceives and creates a painting, without pre-existing image, bringing to life image and representation during the very act of painting, and the German sculptor Stephan Balkenhol, who simultaneously exhibited at Deweer Gallery too. Stephan Balkenhol shapes every object that he carves or liberates from the wood, as a representation of the image or idea he has in mind. Paintings by Tatjana Gerhard were purchased a.o. by the S.M.A.K. (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst), Ghent, by several corporate or governmental collections in Switzerland and by lots of private collectors.