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Tatjana Gerhard - Disjecta

23 March - 08 May 2016

To Belgian-Swiss artist Tatjana Gerhard (° Zürich, Switzerland, 1974 / lives and works in Ghent, Belgium) it is the third one-person show at Deweer Gallery. In the new paintings that are now brought together under the exhibition title ‘Disjecta’, the total deconstruction of the human body and by extension of the world, is the central theme. Unlike anybody else, in her paintings and in her exhibition as a whole, Gerhard knows to restore the consistency of her fragmented view on man and his world in a most brilliant pictorial and poetical way. The combination of explosive colour shades and at once effective and harmonious compositions of disjointed limbs and impossible postures keep fascinating us endlessly.

Click here for the exhibition file of the show.