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35 years Panamarenko & Deweer Gallery - A Brilliant Story Since 1983

07 February - 22 June 2018

Only by appointment until June 22nd, 2018!

If Panamarenko did not exist, they would have to invent him. From the early 1970s until his retirement in 2005, the utopian dreamer created his own boyish fantasy world. From self-built submarines and flying saucers to cars, zeppelins and spacecrafts. His imagination was the perfect breeding ground for poetic creations, always mixing the scientific with the artistic, and now on the way to eternal youth!

From the beginning of the eighties until 2005 the Deweer family collected an impressive amount of remarkable works. Never before Deweer Gallery presented an overview of all the available work by Panamarenko featuring a great number of significant historic works, such as V1 Barada Jet, IJsvogel and donnariet. From unique objects and drawings to photography, multiples and editions. They all evoke Panamarenko's surprising, authentic universe.

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