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Benjamin Moravec - Le Royaume Part. VI - Nous n'avions pas fini de nous parler d'amour

29 March - 30 June 2017

This will be BENJAMIN MORAVEC’s (°1977) fourth one-man show at Deweer Gallery. Moravec is an artist who maintains a firm belief in the meaning of painting. In the exhibition ‘Le Royaume Part. VI - “Nous n’avions pas fini de nous parler d’amour”’, his paintings question and (re)define the identity of man in a contemporary society that increasingly aims to transform the human condition through the development of new, sophisticated technologies able to enhance human capacities. In a sensual manner, Moravec paints ‘transhuman’ beings that have lost touch with reality. The central issue in his new work is the question whether man will still be able to understand love in the future.

Click here for the exhibition file of the show.