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Art13 London

01 March - 03 March 2013

For its first participation at a London art fair ever, Deweer Gallery presented a fine selection of

- recent or new sculptures by German sculptor Stephan Balkenhol (°1957); Deweer Gallery has been exhibiting Stephan Balkenhol’s sculptures since as early as 1987 and has presented no less than 10 gallery shows with the artist;

- historic and recent objects and drawings by Belgian artist Jan Fabre (°1958); Deweer Gallery has been working with Jan Fabre since as early as 1985 and owns a lot of unique, early Jan Fabre works;

- drawings by Russian artists Ilya & Emilia Kabakov (°1933 - °1945);

- recent sculptures and drawings by Spanish artist Enrique Marty (°1969);

- recent works by South African, but Berlin based artist Gerda Scheepers (°1979)

- recent sculptures and objects by Belgian artist Andy Wauman (°1975);

- recent paintings by Berlin based German artist Norbert Witzgall (°1976).

Deweer Gallery thus aimed to present a mix of its Belgian and foreign artists, as well as a mix of established, mid-career and strongly upcoming artists.

Belgian artist Michaël Aerts (°1979) was selected for the fair’s Artist Projects with a monumental sculpture.