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Deweer Storage

Do you own valuable art, antiques or heritage pieces and are you looking for professional storage? Deweer NV, with more than 35 years experience in the storage and handling of art, provides storage facilities and expertise to anyone wishing to preserve their valuable pieces with confidence.

Deweer NV offers its services to both private owners and public institutions for short and long-term storage in the best conditions, regardless of quantity or size. The storage facilities of Deweer NV are highly secure and easily accessible. If desired, they can be accommodated to any desired size.

Additionally, Deweer NV offers a full range of peripheral services to meet all your storage needs, including photography, transportation and packaging.

Location and accessibility

Deweer NV’s depot of is located in Otegem, West Flanders, just 10 minutes away from the E17, exit 4 - Deerlijk/Vichte/Ronse.

Nearby cities are Brussels (60 minutes by car), Ghent (30 minutes by car), Lille / Rijsel (France, 35 minutes by car) and Kortrijk (20 minutes by car).

The connecting road from the exit of the E17 is easily motorable. The depot is accessible via a large, illuminated driveway that can accommodate larger vehicles and trucks.

The depot is open on weekdays from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00.

Our clients

Deweer NV serves a diverse clientele: private owners such as individuals, companies, associations, galleries and artists; but also public owners such as museums, institutional heritage managers and authorities.

Storage methods

Deweer NV offers three types of rental possibilities.

Storage in open space

Storage in open space is available only for large objects and/or crates that cannot be stored as volume storage or as confined storage. The cost of storage is calculated per m2 of used floor area and per height used (until 3 m or until 6,5 m).

Volume storage

The goods are stored in a rack and tariff is calculated per volume of the goods (up until 8 m³) or per volume capacity of a complete rack unit (for volumes larger than 8 m³).

Confined storage

If you wish to store goods in a confined space, you rent your own complete confined space within Deweer NV’s storage spaces.

Storage conditions

The storage spaces of Deweer NV are well insulated and dry. We maintain a minimum temperature of at least 10 ° C. The storage areas are secured and safety protected; access is controlled and all spaces are equipped with a fire alarm. Our storage areas are also continuously monitored by a firm specialized in insect and pest control.

Our services

In addition to the storage of valuable goods, Deweer NV offers a range of additional services that may help ensure an optimum handling and storage of your goods. From the collection of your valuables to their return to your home and everything in between, we handle everything.

For these services, a separate agreement and price offer are drawn up in consultation with the client.


Deweer NV has its own air-suspended truck, fully equipped and customised for the transportation of artworks and other valuables. We can also facilitate services through external specialized firms for other forms of art transportation.

Once arrived on site, we have the necessary equipment and facilities in place to safely unload and transport large or heavy pieces.


Deweer SA can also act as an intermediary for external specialized firms for the packing of your goods in wooden crates.


In addition, Deweer NV can also provide professional on-site photography services or facilitate the services of external professional photographers.


Deweer SA can coordinate the disinfection of artwork placed, or to be placed, in storage through specialized external firms.

Ask for a personalised price offer

Deweer NV, Tiegemstraat 6B, 8553 Otegem, BE

Open all working days from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00.

Your contact person is Line Anckaert at
0032 (0) 56.644893